When you sell books, both printed and digital, expanding your options and making the digital format options as widely available as possible, is one of the first things to consider. And when it comes to eBooks, whether they are in EPUB, PDF or MOBI format, you need to focus your attention to the Digital Rights and copyright security.

How should we protect the eBooks?

Adobe comes to the rescue and offers a secure and reliable solution, that works on any device, from laptops and PCs to smartphones, Kindles and tablets. The client buys the eBook from the bookshop, downloads it as an .acsm file (which is actually a .xml in disguise), and, after installing the free software Adobe Digital Editions, can enjoy reading the book. The number of devices can be limited by the publisher, as well as the number of different IPs it allows the reader to connect from.

We recently had a request from one of our long time clients to develop a plugin that would integrate smoothly with WooCommerce, which is their current eCommerce solution, and that would act as a bridge between the buyer and the eBook publisher.

So what we’ve done is we created a plugin that blends into the WooCommerce system and allows customers to purchase eBooks from our client’s bookshop – but as he is actually a distributor of them, the files are downloaded from Elefant.ro servers. The bookshop also sells printed books and regular PDF eBooks, and even has free e-magazines and digital audiobooks, and these had to be available through the standard system. Our plugin simply adds a third option, near the ‘Downloadable’ and ‘Virtual’ type of products: ‘DRM’. A similar idea was done by EditionGuard to integrate their DRM with WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and various other eCommerce platforms. But since Elefant.ro didn’t have any integration available, we had to develop one.

WooCommerce plugin for eBooks with DRM through Elefant.ro features

  • integrates perfectly with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • lightweight and solid like graphene 🙂
  • very easy to use
  • utilizes the full array of options that the eBook publisher’s API allow, including the refund option
  • connects behind the scenes to Elefant.ro servers, where it authenticates with its reseller credentials and is granted access to books based on their ISBN and format
  • thoroughly tested in all imaginable scenarios, with partial refunds, cancelled orders and various other situations

Do you need something similar done for your eBook shop? Get in touch!